Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My college roomies

1998 - me, Colleen, and Trynda

2008 - Trynda pregnant with her 4th, me(single!), and Colleen pregnant with her 1st.

A few weekends back I got rare opportunity to go out with a few of my closest friends. Trynda and Colleen were my college roomies and we've stayed in touch ever since our crazy days at C.E.U. Us three live far apart now, so it is rare that we all find ourselves together on the same weekend.

We were partners in crime when we pranked the guys down the hall(everything from turning furniture upside down, to it being to moved down to the laundry room, and stealing their clothes and them stealing our bras and stringing them up in the hall for everyone to see), late nights singing "You Don't Own Me!"(from the movie The First Wives Club) at the top of our lungs into kitchen utensils after a breakup or just feeling erked by men in general, playing leap frog down the hall, my first taste of Starbucks icecream, walking in the nearby cemetary for peace and quiet, the boys belows us that would bang their broom on the ceiling because we were being too loud, annoying our other three, weird roommates, helping eachother through some very difficult times, me and Colleen getting stuck in a ditch with 2 hot guys whilst exploring the backwoods of Price, me and Trynda laughing til all hours of the night at the glowing stars on the ceiling(seriously, we must've been high on something because there's nothing funny about glowing stars on a ceiling. lol!).

We've seen eachother through boyfriends, breakups, engagements, weddings, babies, and now a divorce. I feel very blessed to have them as friends.

Hypnomom of the month

About a month ago I was interview by Kerry Tuschhoff, the founder of Hypnobabies, for my entrance into the hypnosis intructor training program coming up next week. She liked me so much that she asked me to be on her live radio show to talk about my children's births. It was great fun, who doesn't love telling their child's birth story? Here's the link. Enjoy!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

*insert sad/witty title here*

I'm not sure exactly how you title the curve ball that life has given me. It could be "Single...again!" or "Back on the market" or "The big D word", whatever. If you couldn't already guess, my husband and have divorced. I just want to get it all out right now, so that I'm not explaining myself like I have been since it happened.

First off, I'm okay. Yes, this totally sucks. I'm loosing my best friend who I love dearly. I'm a whole lot of emotions right now, but I'm okay. Things are very amicable. Our oldest two are handling it well. I wish I could tell you more of the story. This will have to do for now. I would appreciate lots of prayers sent our way.