Tuesday, November 18, 2008

May 2008


My roommates Liz and Karin.
You can't tell but in this picture I have a 102 degree temperature. I got strep so bad that when I got home I got to spend sometime in the hospital for a day getting loaded up on some super antibiotics. As much as I'm a "granola", I am thankful for modern medicine.
Where do birth junkies go whilst in Nashville? Not the Grand Ol' Opry! Never! We head to
The Farm!
The Farm is home to our fellow birth activist and midwife Ina May Gaskin who is a major pioneer in midwifery. This place is the closest I've witnessed to people living the Law of Consecration. Everyone works for one common goal, they all put in and every takes what they need. It's a very peaceful place, there is definitely a special spirit here. If it weren't for the ticks that we all took back to our hotel, I might consider spending a few more weeks here.

All of the homes and structures on The Farm are solar powered and very eco-friendly.

Most homes are made out of mud and clay. The local residents were so friendly and allowed us to come into their homes and photograph some very beautiful art.

Most homes and structures there had a live eco-system growing on the roof.


From the outside.

The Straw Cabin is made entirely from clay and straw and stuff is uber strong!

The world's largest jungle gym. lol! This was meant to be a meeting house, only they didn't have the funding to complete it and it's just sort of there.